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Massuah's Photographs Exhibitions

Photographs from Family Albums

The walls of the lobby are covered with portraits of individuals and families who perished in the Holocaust. An ever-increasing collection of family photos floods the walls, as if to accentuate the personal experience upon which the exhibit is based. The reflection of the fate of thousands of nameless people, as Wladislaw Szlengel’s poem written in the Warsaw Ghetto “What I Read to the Dead”:

“Names – Ziuta…Asia…Eli…Fanja…Ziuma… do they tell you anything? Nothing, people, dispensable people. There were thousands of them. In thousands they were sent to Umschlagplatz. In thousands they were beaten by the whip, torn apart from their families, loaded into the cargo trucks’ poisoned by gas. Not important. The statistics will mark the…, Names, empty sounds. For me they were living people… They are gone…”

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