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Massuha Exhibitions – Three Lines in History

Three Lines in History – Zionist Youth Movement in Europe 1929-1948

The exhibition is devoted to the Zionist youth movements that were trapped during the Holocaust

The Exhibition is divided to 3 periods: Pre-war, war and aftermath. Its first segment focuses on the totality and optimism that the youth movements gave their members: a worldview, companionship, and the sense of being part of an avant-garde at a historical moment in which a new nation and society were constituted. This is a multi-screen presentation produced by the Shek tak Group and described by means of letters, diaries and journals.

The Holocaust section centers on patterns of resistance and uprising by youth-movement members in the shadow of the transports. This section is described through testimonies and excerpts from Justina’s Diary.

The aftermath examines the young men and women in their early twenties who became leaders overnight, steering hundreds of thousands of fellow survivors down the byways of the Bricha toward illegal immigration to Eretz Israel. This part of the story is told via personal artifacts.

The exhibition gets its title from remarks by Dolek Liebeskind, a commander of the Jewish underground in the Kraków ghetto: “We are fighting for the sake of three lines in history, [if only to show that] Jewish youth did not go like sheep to the slaughter. For this we find it worth our while even to die.”

A companion album for the exhibition is available.

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