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Meaningful learning for senior-high students at Massuah

Seminar program for senior-high students

The workshop and seminar program for senior-high students and missions to Poland includes guided activity at the exhibitions, academic and art workshops, lectures, and encounters with Holocaust survivors.

One of two subprograms may be chosen: a one-day workshop or a two-day workshop.

During the school year, two tracks of program activities will be offered for senior high. The first comprises workshops for all eleventh- and twelfth-graders, focusing on how Israeli society remembers the Holocaust, the image of the murderers, the youth movements as an alternative leadership, antisemitism, racism, and xenophobia, the individual in the concentration camps, “being a witness,” and the Warsaw ghetto uprising. Emphasis is placed on investigating questions of identity, society, and memory after participants cope with the topic of the Holocaust.

The second track is for participants in the trip to Poland. Here the emphasis is on the stations along the way, the events that took place in each of them during the Holocaust, and what they signify.

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