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Massuah’s Holocaust archive

About the archives

The Massuah archive is a recognized public archive established in the 1960s to document Jewish life in the years between the world wars, the Jews’ fate in the Holocaust, and in the aftermath. Among its unique collections is a rare collection of letters from the Holocaust era, all translated into Hebrew, the main archive of Akiva and Hanoar Hatzioni youth movements, Haoved Hatzioni, the Progressive Party, the Independent Liberals party and the archive of the Association of Israelis of Central European Origin. Personal archives include those of Moshe Kol, Yitzhak Artzi, and Dr. Moshe Bejski. The Archive also contains collections of exhibits and paintings from the detention camps on Cyprus and thousands of professional video hours of Holocaust survivors’ testimonies and tens of thousands photographs,

The Archive has been going through rapid digitization in recent years and many of its collections are already available on the Internet.

On the Archive premises is a study room for the use of researchers, curators, students, and the public (by prior arrangement).

The Archive is open Sunday–Thursday 8:00 a.m.– 4:00 p.m., by prior appointment only.

The Archive is accessible to persons with disabilities.

The public is welcomed to donate material such as photographs, documents, artifacts, work of art

Terms of Use

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For more information:
Irit Liberman irit@massuah.org.il
Reut Ben Israel reutb@massuah.org.il

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