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Massuah's Photo Archive

family albums , historical events & activities

The Massuah Photo Archive contains tens of thousands of pictures that document world and Israeli Jewish history from the early twentieth century to the present day.

The large majority of photos obtained from family albums and historical events of institutions and movements. An especially large collection documents the activities of two Zionist youth movements, Hanoar Hatzioni and Akiva.

The Holocaust photo collection is based chiefly on research in the field and in archives around the world, primarily for Massuah’s permanent exhibitions.

An especially large collection is devoted to the survivors in various countries. It contains numerous photos of self-organization devoted to the rescue and rehabilitation of children, the establishment of children’s homes, “Kibbutzim,” along the paths of the Bricha, activity in the DP camps, Illegal Immigration, and life in the detention camps on Cyprus. The Eichmann trial and the Youth Aliya collections are among the major ones depicting the post war events in Israel.

Most contents of the photo archive have been scanned and are gradually being uploaded to the Archive website.

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